View Full Version : archery bits and bobs; where to get?

29-08-2010, 14:22
I need to make some new arrows, does anyone have any suggestions for where to get more bits?

I found http://www.longbowandarrow.co.uk, and their medieval bodkins (as well as the "medievaloid" points) looked interesting. Anyone who have seen their stuff? Is it good?

chas brookes
29-08-2010, 14:42
if its traditional archery gear you are after the following site have some good kit


29-08-2010, 15:14
look at quicks' website there's loads on there

bushwacker bob
29-08-2010, 17:19
E-bay is a surprisingly good source for fletchings.

29-08-2010, 17:20
you could have a wander round Archery Interchange - plenty of links and info there ;)

29-08-2010, 18:45
I have used archery world twice over the last two weeks and delivery has been very fast!

29-08-2010, 18:56
Quicks in the UK is the place for arrow components (points, fletchings, both finished feather and full feather for you to cut yourself, wooden shafts etc). Merlin Archery Centre also in the UK are also very good and are cheaper than Quicks and I use them for all my stuff. If you ring up either they will be very helpful in discussing exactly what you want.

Three Rivers Archery in the US have some amazing stuff at very low prices (half UK price) including mediaeval points etc but you will probably get stung for import duty.

I would avoid Bowsports.com - I have had a few problems with them.


29-08-2010, 22:44
Another vote for Merlin and Quicks!