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Whittler Kev
12-04-2010, 13:07
I've just got back from the Bushcraft Magazine weekend that incorporated two one day taster courses.
Can I say up front I am no in way associated with them and this is just my humble opinion

As I was 140 miles away from Ashford in Kent they let me camp Friday night for free as well.
This is the view of the camping field from the near the forge
and the other way (There are two teepee's on top of the hill)
6 or 7 of us had the use of a commercial forge
and two made out of Wheel rims (being a little Heath Robinson, for those with a long memory, I preferred the wheel rim forges)
The order of the day was hands on experimenting, with the help of Huw and Phil (Woof as many may know him), at making what you wanted.
I made a Gypsy Iron for hanging a pot over a fire, a poker and a fire spreader/rake
http://i799.photobucket.com/albums/yy280/kpurse/BushCraft%20Magazine%2010-11th%20April%202010/MyGypsyspreaderandpokernburntb it.jpg
If you look closely you can see the bit where the forge suddenly developed a hot spot and melted the end off the Gypsy Iron so I had to re-model it.
Good advice was given and help when needed to put twists in, hammering points on the end of the square bar and closing eyes on the tripods some made.
One guy (Esra) made himself a firesteel for making sparks with a piece of flint.
from a piece of flat car spring
Someone found him a piece of flint and after tempering the steel, was seen to be beaming every time he made a shower of sparks. I think he enjoyed using the charcloth I donated to him.
The end of the day was used to share other skills and showing your kit and sharps.

Sunday was the bow-making day and 6 of us had the choice of either gathering a piece of Hazel, shaping a quarter of a tree, using a piece of square kiln dried Ash or using ash that had already been sawn. Guess which I opted for ...... yep the pre-sawn.
We were shown by Bardster (Paul) via diagrams what shape we were looking for, and what tools would be best to use.
The new Gransfor Bruks carving axe is sweet. It looks like the handle hasn't been finished and seems rough sawn. Its so you have a better grip on it. It has a SFA head with a hatchet sized handle on it
http://i799.photobucket.com/albums/yy280/kpurse/BushCraft%20Magazine%2010-11th%20April%202010/NewGransforwiththeroughhandle. jpg
Bardsters Gransfor collection
You could also have a go on his pole lathe
Heres mine tillered (look at that curve. I couldn't believe how it didn't need reworking)
After resting it and re-stretching it maintained a perfect shape even at full tension - Chuffed....You had better believe it
And me using it
Would I recommend it?
At 30 including materials and soup for lunch per day, its got to be one of the cheapest out there and there was no hastle, just encouragement to experiment. At 4pm no one said go home, you finished when you was ready. Bardster even offered to stay for a few extra hours so you could get it at a better stage to finish it at home.
We even ended the day by making, and firing, our own handmade bundle bows. So everyone took a completed bow home.
to see all of the 55 pics I took, please go here
it shows the people, wares and how relaxed it all was

Whittler Kev
12-04-2010, 17:05
Bump ...the photos should work now

12-04-2010, 17:10
Yep, thanks for sharing. :)

12-04-2010, 18:32
Thanks Kev, glad you and everyone else enjoyed themselves. Your bow does need a little more tillering though as we didnt get it to full draw on the tillerstick.

12-04-2010, 19:36
Looks like an awsome couple of days< thinking about doing some of there upcoming courses!

The guy holding the mirror wouldnt be called Rich by any chance? We were on a wild food course last year, top bloke.


12-04-2010, 19:46
WOW :eek: 30 for all that!!! Now that's a bargain and it looks like a good weekend was had by all.
Cheers for sharing goodjob

Whittler Kev
08-06-2011, 21:18
Boing for new members ;)