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12-01-2010, 14:43
To go with my new dehydrator, who can recommend a a particular make of Vacuum Packer. The cheaper the better! Any to avoid and are all bags/film the same?


12-01-2010, 15:12
Here's a cheap one but never used it myself

BTW is your dehydrator any good?. what model is it and would you recommend it?

12-01-2010, 15:17
It's this one: http://www2.westfalia.net/shops/household/preserving_food_and_jam_making/preserving_food/dehydrating_/193811-food_dehydrator.htm

It came recommended and I'm VERY impressed.

12-01-2010, 16:44
have you checked this one out ? I don't have one but just spotted this on your Wesfalia link

http://www2.westfalia.net/shops/new_products_and_innovations/european_championship/be_the_perfect_host/food_correctly_stored/52156-electrical_vacuum_foil_sealer. htm

cheers Danny

12-01-2010, 16:46
Net reviews on the Westfalia sealers aren't favourable unfortunately.

the mole trapper
12-01-2010, 17:10
This subject is worth doing a bit of research before spending your hard earned pennys, we have been looking at them for a while now, would appear that most of the units you buy for less than a hundred quid generally fail quite quickly for various reasons, what we have decided is that rather than keep wasting 70 here and 80 there we would buy a semi pro one, the extra 100 initial outlay would soon be recouped in less spoiling of produce etc.
What i would reccomend is you take a minute to look at the cabellas site, each is reviewed indipendantly by customers, we are sending for the one that is about 200, we have bought from cabellas on several occasions, their shipping is very efficient and prompt. We have no connection with them other than being thoroughly satisfied customers.
Regards J.

12-01-2010, 18:30
I got mine from ASDA - I think its this one from JML


It's been ok - nothing spectacular but does the job well - I'd agree with the other posters about spending more money in buying a better one though.

15-01-2010, 17:22
I have used the Eiffel Freshpack Pro and it was great. Did a good job of packing some game I shot (actually rabbit and grouse).

16-01-2010, 01:22
Vacuum sealers also tend to be reviewed on ultralight backpacking forums and outdoor gear review sites.

I had a few reviews linked till my laptop killed 20 months of saved data!