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30-08-2009, 17:51
Howdy folks!
Thought I'd share these. Firstly, I've been looking at some Sentou knives, and while totally out of my price range, I thought the sheaths were cool. Looks to me like two wooden sides held together by two straps which are probably part of the belt loop... Well, I don't have any buckles and I hate cutting straps, but the wood bit seemed doable :p

I had some Plywood lying around from the bottom of drawers, about 3mm thick. I cut to shape and sanded the two sides to match on my belt sander, and then rounded all the edges. I also rounded the inside of the top of the sheath - since I wasn't doing a cutout for the blade, relying purely on the wood gripping the blade, this would make it easier to sheath the blade. Then, I sanded the whole thing smooth, oiled, tied a turkshead, drilled some holes and laced it up. In hindsight, I should have drilled the holes before doing any rounding work, as the blowout left the back of all the holes quite splintery - not too big a deal, as long as you drill the holes from the front of the sheath. Also tied a paracord baldric on. This makes a very tight fit, almost too tight really - I would've ground out a very slight hollow (1mm or less) in one side just to make sheathing and drawing easier. I intend to make a few more, just for fun - it's a pretty quick, secure, working sheath, and it doesn't look half bad if I do say so myself.

The peasant sheath was done in aged leather, fairly simple construction and wetformed as I made it a bit small. The thread will be replaced with artificial sinew when I get some more, but used dental floss for now. Complete coincidence (though I'd like to be able to claim credit) it can also hold the peasant when open, which I've found very useful for when you need the knife, but need two hands and don't want to have to stop what you're doing and fold it up for it to be safe. The sheath is unwelted, and doesn't hold the knife nearly as tight open as it does when closed, but i don't think it's an issue - the knife won't be jammed into the sheath so the stitching should be fine, and if you're using the knife frequently you don't want to have to tug it out. This means that it's ready when you need it, while remaining safe and secure when you don't.

So pics!


Comments welcome!

30-08-2009, 18:32
These look great! nice work...might give making a wooden one a go, sure I can find some scraps around the house :D

30-08-2009, 19:51
they look the part m8..

30-08-2009, 20:06
like the leather one :)

30-08-2009, 20:10
Cheers folks :D

30-08-2009, 20:53
Yes I agree, a really good job. I also like the wooden sheath; certainly not run of the mill.

Well done

31-08-2009, 00:22
Yes I agree, a really good job. I also like the wooden sheath; certainly not run of the mill.

Well done

Cheers :D Indeed, run of the mill it is not! I'm thinking of a cutout on the next one so the blade is visible...