View Full Version : The best way to carry a SFA on a Sabre 45?

Diamond Dave
22-01-2009, 18:35
Can anyone advise on the best way to carry an SFA on a Sabre. As much as I try most of my options seem unsuitable. Over to you......:Thinkingo

22-01-2009, 18:38
On the side of the Sabre. Use the popper fastener through one of the webbing loops.

Alternatively, I have used an old D cell Maglite belt loop, again fastened to the webbing of the sac. The handle of the SFA fits nicely.


22-01-2009, 18:45
Could it not go on the ice axe loops ?

22-01-2009, 19:21
I carry mine inside between the waterproof liner and the side of the sac. Its a bit more difficult to get out but more discreet. Ed

22-01-2009, 19:25
ice axe loop or under the compression straps for me

22-01-2009, 21:35
I carry my mod knife tucked between the bag and side pocket,and use a loop of para cord to secure to one of the quick release buckles,pretty sure you could do the same with a sfa

22-01-2009, 21:51
Inside the main sack.
I don't need it urgently (who does) and it's far more discrete.

22-01-2009, 21:55
inside the bag, i got stopped and searched for having an axe sticking out of my bag like that, better safe than sorry:)