View Full Version : Anyone ever made a Hot Tub?

17-09-2008, 20:07
For some reason I have decided I need to build one of those funky looking cedar hot tubs.

As there are some crafty people on here and we have seen log cabbins and canoes I wondered if anyone has ever done it and or if anyone knows of any good places to get plans (the cheaper the better!)

Something like this one:


17-09-2008, 21:29
They're some big jubilee clips!

17-09-2008, 22:18
Was browsing for oak barrels the other day... and came across oak vat barrels and thought they'd be good starting point for a tub.

One pictured on http://www.railwaysleeper.com/KFoakbarrels.htm down the page abit.

Ex Member - Sidney Bounty
17-09-2008, 22:32
Get a big steel bathtub prop it up build a fire under it and their ya go although watch out how big a fire you make under it you could end up as cooked longpork though if your Buddy's have knife and fork in hand do not get in tub....

17-09-2008, 22:40
Those are cool:cool:

Out west, we can't always get electricity for those fabulous amenities.. so around 40 years ago, some cowboys developed whats called the "hillbilly hottub"

Basically it's a 1000 gallon stock watering tub (made from galvanized steel) about 12-16 foot diameter and about 2.5-3 feet deep. We prop it off of the ground a couple of feet or so using whatevers available (cinder blocks, stumps, etc)... The you light a fire underneath it and warn people not to sit in that area:lmao: it takes about 30 minutes to hour to warm up with an average size fire..
Suppose you could figure out a way to affix some fancy rough sawn bark slabs to the outside to make it look a little less hillbilly and hook up a solar water pump to keep the water flowing.

Also works good for:
- crab boils to feed 1000:D
- world record mulled wine vat:rolleyes:
- keeping the water unfrozen for the cows;)
- those with cannibalistic tendancies:p

Seriously, i've actually enjoyed company in one of these:)

17-09-2008, 22:46
How about using 500lbs of quicklime :D


The coil on Dutch Tubs (http://www.dutchtub.nl) seems pretty cool can have a barbie at the same time.
Shame a tub costs 3.5grand.

18-09-2008, 00:09
:lmao: :lmao: :lmao: HAHAAHAAA JAred.... that's too good.... friend of mine worked at a concrete plant... made the mistake of playing with water and quicklime... lost 3 of the fingers on his right hand.