View Full Version : My New Armband :-)

31-07-2008, 11:38
Just thought I'd share my new celtic armband with all you arty types out there. It took 4 and half hours and was done by SPACEY's in Edinburgh. It's still healing so will fade a bit, pictures to follow when it's final and after the cracks have ben done. Enjoy.




Bernie Garland
31-07-2008, 11:40
Nice, does it go right round as it sure nips abit on the inside.


31-07-2008, 11:42
Very nice zoomorphic work there w00dsmoke. Look forward to seeing the pics when it's settles down.

31-07-2008, 12:09
Nice, does it go right round as it sure nips abit on the inside.


It's just over half a full band. I didn't think it was worth getting a full band as it won't be seen. To be honest it wasn't bad at all, just a wee bit nippy on the sides like you say. But last night it felt like someone had grated my arm!:p

31-07-2008, 15:45
Yeah, nice tat. I've heard nothing but praise for Spacey's work (unlike certain other better-known tattoo shops in Edinburgh...) - if I were getting a tat, that's where I'd be going.

In Wood
31-07-2008, 17:28
That is nice ink.

I have a couple of tribal ones myself, all designed by yours truly too.

Good job I donít have too much money as I love nice ink and would have a lot more, but canít afford it.

Tip for the healing, crush up some plantain leaves in a blender and ad some olive oil, rub on twice daily works a treat.

Bernie Garland
31-07-2008, 17:37
The best thing without a doubt to put on the tattoo is preperation H pile cream, i used to tattoo for a living and had my own studio, if you google my name among other things it will link you to some of my work,the creams also brilliant if you have piles:D