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18-09-2007, 15:44
Hi all, just trying to expand my range of foraging knowledge I thought I'd post what I currently colelct, and ask what else you guys would suggest. My main pickings are:

Hazelnuts - toeat as they are but am looking for preservation methods
Sweet chestnuts - yum ! As above.
Blackberries - mainly for pies and jam
Sloes - erm gin
Apples - have not found any trees in the wild but i grow a few myself.
Elderberries - have not picked before but I am guessing wine or syrups.
Hawthorns - working on what to do with these
Rosehips - never collected but will do soon

I'd love to know a few things about edible mushrooms having found a parasol alst year ( was the most tasty mushroom i have ever eaten ). And also I would love to learn about a bit of coastal foraging, sea weeds etc.

If any of you guys could elaborate on the things I've mentioned or suggest some other common wildfoods out there I can get at this time of the year I would love to hear it.

thanks in advance


18-09-2007, 15:45
I guess it is one thing finding a few supplementals and another to live soley on ones foraging. I aspire to this, that and growing my own!

Side question: what are your thoughts on roadside foraging? I have spied some rosehips but wonder about car exhausts and contamination.

18-09-2007, 16:36
Foraging from a roadside is usually discoraged due to pollution. What sort of road is it (size) ?

18-09-2007, 16:46
Not an A road but a busy road nonetheless. Shame as it is loaded with rosehips :(


18-09-2007, 16:53
I think it would be better to go somewhere else. But im sure that someone with more knowledge will be along soon to give their opinion ;)