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24-07-2007, 17:29
Long time no post!

I'm looking to spend about 5 days in the highlands within the next month or so- it looks like the weather I've been hoping for hasn't arrived, so I've given up waiting!

This trip, I want to wild camp, but don't want to lug around my 2.5kg tent. I want something that's v.v.v. easy to set up, and v.v.v. cheap to buy, but will keep me dry, and safe from the wind, and will not weigh me down so much it's a chore to walk!

I'm hoping to stay up at the top of a couple of the peaks- maybe the one and only Mr B Nevis so I can watch the sun rise over Britain..

I've been looking at army issue bivvy bags- would this be suitable? My sleeping bag is warm enough for this time of year, so long as it doesn't start snowing...(I wouldn't put anything past this summer though!).

Any suggestions? bivvy bag a bad idea for this?

Thanks! :You_Rock_

24-07-2007, 17:39
The issue bivi bag would be fine, but you might want to add a tarp to the equation.

Not sure about being on the top of Ben Nevis overnight at any time of the year without some exceptional prep before hand. I think there has been snow at the top even at this time of year. I'd hate to be reading about you in the news.

24-07-2007, 17:54
The Ben Nevis Plateau is not a good place for a summer bivvy. It's mostly scree and the cloud only clears for about sixty days a year. In the winter it's a better bet as you can snow hole, or build a snow wall around a tent. You certainly do not want to spend a night in the summit shelter it is unhygenic to put it nicely.

A lot of people bivvy at the Half Way Lochan which is a much better spot. I spent a couple of nights by the CIC hut earlier this month. Our tent is over 4 Kg, and I can't think of a lighter tent I would take into such territory.

24-07-2007, 19:07
Thanks for the replies. I've gone for it and am about to buy the army issue one....

Unfortunately, already there's been a change of plan! I'm now going to be going to SW France- flying to Bergerac, and was wondering if anyone knew of any nice photo spots around here? Somewhere nice to camp out or just visit for the day for a nice hike?

Scotland is still very near the top of my list of things to do though!

Thanks again.