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06-07-2007, 13:06
Hi, i'd probably travel in mexico for one month this summer. But I wonder what the rules are in mexico (and guatemala) for camping in the wild? I'd like to avoid hotels, and etc so I hope it's possible to camp wild.

Also, can I carry a machete in my luggage on the airport? And is it legal to have a machete in my backpack when traveling there? I don't really need it, but I'm considering taking it..

06-07-2007, 18:23
Hi there,

I don't know the exact law in Guatemala nor Mexico. If you speak spanish it will be possible to do some wild camping. To sort out were you can do this it is safer and easier if you are more than comfy with the language.

There are several designated 'wild' camping spots to string your hammock (check LP [Lonely Planet] type of guides).

Bring your own compass and good maps and be prepared for garbage (unfortunately).

A local guide not only knows the way, they see and spot things we wouldn't as easily. Barba amarillo (Yellow beard aka Fer de Lance..higly poisonous viper (or snake ;-)) is just an example.

Depening on the area of Mexico and Guate (mala) I personally would NOT go out without a local guide. Robbery (you rich tourist you) is not unheard of.

I remember vividly one bus ride I took (me being the only gringo) from Huehuetenango to Coban which was held up on the way in, bulletholes in buswindows etc. Having only one way we all feared they would go for our bus too (they didn't).

I spend some time sloggin thru jungles and camping relatively wild, far away areas (Indiana Jones stuff).

Not completely a bushcraft link but I have some (english) travel reports and pic's on my website. Don't know if I am allowed to post that address here since it is not BC related (some pics are tho) ;-), just let me know or pm me.

I had NO problems on ANY airport WORDLWIDE with my parang while travelling between may 2003 and november 2005 (SE Asia, Australia, Europe, The Emirates, Central America). Not as handluggage obviously!

While travelling I sometimes had it on my belt (bushwacking) or it was just in my backpack or in the sidepockets. Had some great reactions while comparing the central american 'wobbly' machete with a Malay parang. Machetes are plentiful in local markets or garden shops!

Pff s-orry for the spelling, syntaxes etc. The day has been too long. If I don't make any sense here, tell me and I will try to clearify tomorrow ;-)

Grtz Johan

06-07-2007, 20:03
Thanks a lot, good info!

"I had NO problems on ANY airport WORDLWIDE with my parang while travelling between may 2003 and november 2005 (SE Asia, Australia, Europe, The Emirates, Central America). Not as handluggage obviously!"

No I'll just hang it on my belt ofcourse ! ;)
Great, so that's no problem. I guess you're right about local guides, I can't really imagine of being in a total unknown environment (all different plants, animals..) as I've only traveled in europe before.

I'm not 100% sure if I'll go yet, I'm going to go ask for a passport tomorrow.. and see if I can get it fast. Because I have to be in sweden, my school starts there the 20th august. And I want to be at least a month there in mexico to make the flying costs worth it, still returning around the tenth of august to deal with stuff here in belgium. So I'll see tomorrow how fast I'll get the pass!

07-07-2007, 13:21
Not much to add other than one of my exes went over there a couple of years ago and she said that there did seem to be quite a few people who offered to sell her some coke, and it wasn't the stuff you drink either.
She said it was very nice place though.

10-07-2007, 11:29

I know its not the same but we were over in guadalaraha a few years ago, and did several horseriding, and jungle outing excursions over on the base of the siera madre, ( organised by hotel )

On every trip we had armed escorts, due to bandits in the mountains. lots ( lots and lots ) of snakes with big teeth, and lots of large red very mean looking ants.

not to panic anyone of course !!!!