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12-09-2006, 09:50
Hi, see what you think
copper bottomed stainless billy, with bail loop, lid/frying pan with fold out handles.



12-09-2006, 10:40
Looks like the one I got through evilbay (for around the same price). It's not a bad piece of kit - heats well, cleans easily. Not too stable though as the bottom on mine bends out a little (ie it's not flat). Still, a little caution is all that's required.

It comes with a mucho cheapo bag (mines already started tearing).

The lid works well but can easily be changed for something lighter if required.

Used it a dozen or so times in the last couple of months so it's seen reasonable use already. Not the best but at this price I can certainly recommend it.

12-09-2006, 10:49
I have a set of those, I was the envy of many people at the moot as they are cheap and great bits of kit.

had mine now for 3 years, used all the time and work as well on an open fire as with a stove. Although the plastic covering on the handles may melt off.

Highly recommended


12-09-2006, 10:58
I've got the small and more recently medium versions and I like them a lot, especially at those prices. The bail locks in the upright position, which can be very useful.

(bit of billy pr0n...)

12-09-2006, 21:00
Looks excellent!

The smallest billy set together with my Myti mug should make for gourmet cooking going solo(with dog)

Just e-mailed them about ordering outside of UK since their website is not set up for it :(

Talked to a tour leader who used a SS coffe pot with a brass bottom who said after a lot of use it will start to fall off. Possible to use sand paper and wear it off?

12-09-2006, 21:18
It's actually copper rather than brass, and it's just a thin layer at that. It does wear off a bit, but it's really more cosmetic than anything else I think.

Unfortunately the mytimug doesn't quite fit into the smallest billy, you'd need to shave a few mills off the lid handle (or forgo the handle altogether). BTW, the clikstand and burner (http://www.clikstand.com/) fits very nicely into the (smallest) billy.

12-09-2006, 23:29
Sounds very good. Taking off / shaving the handles are easy.

Anyone tried this small billy with the Ikea stove?

Hows the frying pan? Does it stand up for an English breakfast in the woods? :lmao:

13-09-2006, 01:07
"Bulldog" brand nesting aluminium billy cans (X3) @ 1969. You see them on eBay for 10-15. Hanging bales, do the job, why pay more :rolleyes:

14-09-2006, 19:41
I`d pay more for stainless billys because of durability and these have a small(light) frying pan.
The nesting thing is nice but not essential.

Thanks for the tip though!