Over the next few weeks we will be upgrading BCUK. We have been running on the current software for several years now and whilst it still works it has become dated and lacks modern improvements such as being responsive to better support mobiles and tables.

We have a development site that we have been working on with a new Home page and Forums setup, the posts on there are several months old however if you would like to have a look and offer any feedback please go to dev.bushcraftuk.com.

Members that have joined since November(ish) will not appear on here however you may sign up if you want to test the systems. Any posts on the development site will be lost once the upgrade happens as we will delete that database and import the current version from here.

I'll let you know the date this is going to happen once we've finalised it, I'm aiming to to complete this overnight when the traffic will be at it's lowest.

Hopefully the move should go smoothly however please bear with us if there are initial teething problems.

Many thanks for your continued support.