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Trueways survival

Discussion in 'Bushcraft and survival skills' started by chris, May 16, 2006.

  1. MikeLA

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    May 17, 2011
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    Seem a good company would book one myself but they don’t do any in Cumbria or Northumberland need it close to home.
  2. gonzo_the_great

    gonzo_the_great Forager

    Nov 17, 2014
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    Poole, Dorset. UK
    I did their 5day woodland basic survival course.
    It's not bushcraft, though there is probably a bit of overlap. It is how to stay alive till getting rescued, and helping the job on by setting signal fires etc.
    Had great fun and learned a lot. Though the advanced course sounds a bit more hardcore and expensive. So wimped out on that.
  3. Geek

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    Dec 20, 2018
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    North West
    As noted update following the course.

    The course takes place at an MOD facility. Portaloo are available within the carpark, which is around 100m or so from where you camp, so not too much roughing it.

    Firstly, this is a survival course and not bushcraft, however, the principles still apply, shelter (difference between survival and bushcraft is how they are set up), lighting fires, water purification, etc.

    I attended the course in Ripon Yorkshire (March 2019), with Andy Wood as the instructor (seven people on the course – many probably put off by the weather [don’t be]). For the first day the weather was awful (rain, windy and cold [lots of mud]), second day the weather was better, this all added to the experience. No point learning to light a fire whilst it’s sunny (dry wood) whilst enjoying the sunshine!

    Good course content, starting with the basics, working on the watch, learn then “have a go” principle, which works very well. I didn’t appreciate how difficult it is to keep a fire going (starting it wasn’t too difficult) and how much wood is needed.

    You will learn STOP (stop, think, observe, plan) and PLAN (protection, location, acquisition, navigation) which I found very interesting (water isn’t always your first priority!).

    This is a very good starter course taught at a pace which allows you to learn without being overwhelmed, covering many different subjects (only briefly due to the duration of the course) from shelters (how to set up a couple of different tarp configurations), fire (numerous methods of starting a fire), water acquisition and purification (filtration and various methods of purification), navigation (using stars and sun), cordage, edible plants / bugs, smoke signal fire, etc.

    For those of us who are a little older and/or suffer aches and pains, don’t worry, you can still undertake this course (I did).

    In summary, a fantastic course and well recommended, such that I intend to undertake more courses with Trueways.

    Meals were provided, lunch was fruit, nuts and snacks (both days), evening meal was steak and vegetable stew cooked by the individual over the fire they had made and breakfast on the second day was baked beans, egg(s) and toast, again cooked over the fire you have made (either burning from the previous day or a new one in the morning).

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