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Recommend a dehydrator

Discussion in 'Lovely Grub' started by Jonbodthethird, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. baggins

    baggins Full Member

    Apr 20, 2005
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    Coventry (and up trees)
    Another one for the stockli, it's a bit more money, but the metal mesh trays last much longer than the plastic ones. It's now our back up, as managed to get a 9 tray Excaliber on ebay for peanuts. Still have both running after large hauls.
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  2. Robson Valley

    Robson Valley Full Member

    Nov 24, 2014
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    McBride, BC
    I have an "American Harvest" dehydrator, about 16" diameter with a good temperature control.
    I did the math = the first 25lb case of Roma tomatoes that I dried and packed in herbed olive oil was worth
    a small fortune at grocery store prices. Fantastic garnish on just about anything.
    Nibbles for whoever is the chef du jour.

    Then, I started to make jerky with beef and bison mince.
    I have to hide it to have any left for a forest trip.
    The machine has paid for itself many times over.
    They are worth the investment, even if you're only a casual user.
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  3. Nomad64

    Nomad64 Full Member

    Nov 21, 2015
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    Just out of range
    Thanks, there does seem to be a lot if love for the Andrew James model. I spoke to them and was advised that it would be months not days or weeks before they restocked which is not much use as we have piles of mushrooms and fruit in need of preserving.

    I even bid on a pristine used one on the Bay of E but it went for more than a new one!

    I ended up going for one of these Klarstein ones from the Bay which although coming from Berlin, from the specs and appearance (other than the lurid yellow!) looks like it came from the same production line as the AJ ones- they have hiked the price by a fiver since I bought ours!


    Put a few batches of apples (thanks to British Red of this parish for his video tutorial!) through it as well as some mushrooms and bananas.

    Should keep us entertained for a while! :)

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