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General travel bags - rucksack with wheels.

Discussion in 'Carrying' started by Paul_B, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Paul_B

    Paul_B Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)

    Jul 14, 2008
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    Went right off topic there, rambling as usual.

    These types of backpacking sacks have their uses but what I'm looking for is effectively a lightweight suitcase with wheels but rucksack straps capable of carrying a load so you can walk a distance without resorting to those wheels. Why have wheels? Well I know wheels are useful for certain parts of your journey. For example luggage reclaim conveyor to your trolley, through the hotel lobby and to your room when you're lifting and putting it down a lot.

    Anyway, I'll be given the luggage item bought for me as a present next week. I'm hoping it's like I would buy. I like the osprey brand versions of this type of bag. They're about £140 if you shop around but the day pack that attaches is extra not standard. So I'm expecting possibly eagle creek version since I think the little pack comes as standard.
  2. Erbswurst

    Erbswurst Native

    Mar 5, 2018
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    Don't ask me where I have seen it, usually I am every third day in another town and as I wrote I am absolutely not interested in such stuff so I forgot it.

    But somewhere I have seen such bags equipped with the wheels of INLINE ROLLER SKATES.
    That stuff looked pretty robust.
  3. Laurence Milton

    Apr 7, 2016
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  4. Old Bones

    Old Bones Settler

    Oct 14, 2009
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    East Anglia
    As soon as you said wheels, I though of Osprey - the Farpoint in particular, although other brands do similar things as well, including Eagle Creek, as you say.

    There is a price to be paid for having wheels on what is effectively a large duffel - extra weight, for instance, but I can see the advantages around an airport and then to a hostel, etc. Most travellers of course wont need the harness, so thats why they tend to be relatively rare. Instead, spinners etc from Travelpro or Luggageworks tend to be popular with US aircrew, and frequent travellers like Travelpro, Delsey, etc (there are whole treads on sites like this about luggage - its a big thing to get right if your lugging one around constantly). I know I would like Rimowa, but thats going to have wait until that lottery win....

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