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An Introduction to Pressure Canning

Discussion in 'The Homestead' started by British Red, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Robson Valley

    Robson Valley Full Member

    Nov 24, 2014
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    McBride, BC
    I'm surprised that you use kilner jars. Nobody does that here.
    Instead, we all use the extremely thin and disposable brass-plated lids (rubber seals).
    Many of those lids and the threaded rings get recycled not for preserves but for all kinds of herbs and spices.
  2. Woody girl

    Woody girl Full Member

    Mar 31, 2018
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    These are kilner canning jars. Proper ones. All my friend could get as they only deal with one firm to stock the shop with.

    Tengu. I would like to get a proper canner. My reading so far on this subject says you can use a normal one but it needs to have variable weights and you can only do a few jars at a time. Thanks for offer will bear it in mind if I can't get a proper canner. Plenty of time till next harvest and needing to use it. I think British Red recomended a prestige high top... but they are expensive new.!
  3. Janne

    Janne M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)

    Feb 10, 2016
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    Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
    Once I ran out of my British Kilner jars, a decade ago, I started using the American Ball jars.
    IMO extremely similar. As far as I know, only the colour of the lid is different. I think

    Kilner also make the jars with the loose rubber ring, and the wire locked glass lid.
    I have a few of those. I prefer them, but do not use them for my preserves as I can not get new rubbers easily. Fantastic to store spices and herbs.
    Dried funghi, dried rosehips, Spices I can not buy here or on Island.
    Precious stuff!

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