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Nov 20, 2018 at 11:52 PM
Dec 24, 2007
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Forager, from Cambridgeshire

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Nov 20, 2018
    1. T1tch
      Hi George - Hope the exams are going well (I always hated them, but then I'm dyslexic so the reading of the question was always... interesting)
      I haven't been able to attend any meets recently due to the fact I'm effectively unemployed at the moment :(
      I've not made any blades yet - I bought a couple of blanks off ebay 18 months or so back, but never go round to doing anything with them. Now I've taken a good look at them they are both realy soft, so I'm thinking I'll take a bash at making my own.
      I'm going to make a 'forge' (using the word in the loosest possible terms) out of bits from a mates salvage yard but I'm dubious about being able to ascertain temperatures - so hardness testing is somewhat putting the cart before the horse, but I've always been a little backwards :cool:

      Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and good luck with the exams - and hopefully I'll catch up with you soon.

      Cheers Mark
    2. Gwhtbushcraft
      Hi Mark! Sorry we haven’t spoken in a while. To be quite honest i haven't been out much at all with exams et all! I haven't actually used them, but i have heard they are good. Chris Claycombe Definitely has a set as i was asking him about them only last year. Are you making many knives? best wishes and hope to get to a meet at some point! George
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    "Such is the decay of our society, not even knights can carry their swords in public" - Sir Terry Pratchett