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John Fenna
Last Activity:
Feb 17, 2020 at 8:02 AM
Oct 7, 2006
Likes Received:
Jul 25, 1957 (Age: 62)
same as my interests realy! plus Care Work

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John Fenna

Lifetime Member & Maker, 62, from Pembrokeshire

John Fenna was last seen:
Feb 17, 2020 at 8:02 AM
    1. Wilderbeast
      O.k John well I'll take your advice and just wait till a Birthday then!
    2. Wilderbeast
    3. Wilderbeast
      Hi John, could you possibly start a thread in the makers section for me? I'd like to put a commission contract out there!
    4. Big Geordie
      Big Geordie
      Hi John,

      Looks like I'm following you around today at Ludlow then here! Liked the look of the jacket for sale but I think its too small for me as well.
    5. Greg
      Hello John...I've just sent you a PM!
    6. Rebirth
      OK thanks John, I'll have a look.
    7. John Fenna
      John Fenna
      I am afraid I don't - I just sell through the Makers Market section of this site.
      There you will find my book, my "Dragons Breath" flint and steel sets, my Welsh Bushcrafter Leather Pouches and my forged fire steels.
      This is merely a hobby so I am not set up with a commercial site of my own :D
    8. Rebirth
      Hello Mr John Fenna
      Do you have a commercial website for your leather goods and book?
    9. PRKL
      I tried to search for your DIY booklet but i cant find the thread,but i could be intrested to buy one copy from you,if you are willing to part from one,and send it to finland,id pay thru paypal.

      Thank you.
    10. dave t
      dave t
      i,ll fire one off asap cheers dave
    11. Wilderbeast
      Jooooooooooooooooooooohn (whiney voice!) where is your reveiw on the look what we found food pouches, I can't seem to find it because of the inebility to search "common phrases"! Do you know how to get at it?!
    12. Wilderbeast
      hey john,
      received the bags today, just what I was looking for cheers!!
    13. Wilderbeast
      Hey John!

      Do you have any Idea when the bags will be arriving or are you snowed in again!!


    14. Cael Nu Mara
      Cael Nu Mara
      thanks john, I chopped the antler up this morning so should post it soon

    15. Cap'n Badger
      Cap'n Badger
      Did some more Caaaarvin's this week....got into usin' me jewlers saw again. this one is just carved...
      Cat wi' wool ball
      other ones cut wi saw
    16. Cap'n Badger
      Cap'n Badger
      Yeah I s'pose it does...tho there's always room fer privacy...or was that piracy?..lol
      Just tried the site using the 2007 bcuk theme in user cp.....but it changes the 'set up' o' the page an' ye can't find the friendship pages......so changed back..lol
    17. Cap'n Badger
      Cap'n Badger
      Tis all very new an' Hi tech this new BCUK eh?....Kinda like THIS bit o' it...not sure about the UBER BRIGHT home pages tho..lol
    18. John Fenna
      John Fenna
      Well hello!
    19. Cap'n Badger
      Cap'n Badger
      Ahoy fella :)
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  • About

    Jul 25, 1957 (Age: 62)
    same as my interests realy! plus Care Work
    Outdoor Activity:
    Bushcraft and birdwatching
    Done to much, worn out this body - need a new one!

    Trying to stop my arthritic knees stopping me, writing for magazines (especially gear reviews!)


    Love makes the World go round......Lust makes it all go pear-shaped...