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Apr 15, 2018 at 9:44 PM
Sep 17, 2003
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A Career is a 20th Century Invention!

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Hill Dweller, from Brigantia

Dave was last seen:
Apr 15, 2018
    1. santaman2000
      Curious, I only had 20 messages (have since deleted one)
    2. Twodogs
      Dave Empty your inbox
    3. knifefan
      Your in-box is now full mate :D Need to thin a few out!!
    4. Raysan
      i can't reply to to your pm because your pm box is full!
      clear some space mate:)
    5. Dave
    6. Dave
      Hello! Youre Welcome.

      I did not translate the 365 series. That was done by Oppio. On the youtube link I posted.

      I translated his Canada trip though.
      Took about 4-5 hours! Just using Google Translator.
      I found the Norwegian .srt file, then I fed it line by line into Google translator.

      I also downloaded a free piece of software called Subtitle workshop. [Which is very easy to use. Self explanatory.]

      And created an .srt file. [In English]

      I do not speak Norwegian, and Google Translator is not a very good tool for this.

      And there are a number of mistakes in the subtitles I posted for his Canada trip. [Especially toward the last half hour.]

      But it made it watchable. Which was all I was aiming for.

      With a bit of time and patience, I think anyone could do it.

      I too, would love to watch the : På.Tur.Med.Lars.Monsen.2005.

      But I feel Ive already done my bit by translating the whole Canada series!


      If you find anyone who has done it. Please let me know.


    7. tetra_neon
      Hi there. I recently discovered Lars Monsen and watched his Canada + 365 series - thanks very much for the subtitles for those!

      I don't know if you knew about it already but there's also another series of his available on Bit Torrent. I believe it's him travelling through Norway with lots of fishing and talking to locals.

      The Torrent file name is: På.Tur.Med.Lars.Monsen.2005.Norwegian.DVDrip.Royskatt

      I was just wondering how you got the translations for the Canada series because I've searched and can't find them.
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    A Career is a 20th Century Invention!
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    Middle aged, getting fatter, losing the plot


    The unsuspecting Britons spoke of such novelties as civilisation, when in fact they were only a feature of their enslavement.

    Tacitus. The Agricola