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Barn Owl
Last Activity:
Dec 11, 2019 at 12:19 AM
Apr 10, 2007
Likes Received:
Nov 30, 1965 (Age: 54)

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Barn Owl

Old Age Punk, 54, from Ayrshire

Barn Owl was last seen:
Dec 11, 2019
    1. Barn Owl
    2. Big Si
      Big Si
      All arrived safe and well this morning Tom thanks, it's been a pleaseure doing business with you.
    3. stuart f
      stuart f
      Hi Tam,i was wondering if you could possibly bring your big cooking pot for the communal meal please,as i don,t think mine will be near big enough,as i have just finished packing and having looked at mine,i'm starting to have my doubts about its size.
      Many thanks in advance.

      Cheers Stuart.
    4. drewdunnrespect
      ps its in out and about
    5. drewdunnrespect
      hiya tam can u have a look at the help thread started by me please cos could really do with your help drew
    6. spartacus
      Hello again Tam, Not booked my flight yet so might manage a pint or that in Ayr if you fancy. You are welcome to Bulgaria for a visit anytime you like. I'll message you again once my flight is sorted and I know what I'm doing (which will be a first lol)
    7. spartacus
      Hello Tam. Just been wandering about up north for the last wee bit. I'm back in Kilwinning for a visit with my friends then off back to Bulgaria. Hope this finds you well.
    8. Scottishwanderer
      Cheers neebor.
    9. scottishwolf
      geez a bell aul yin....did ye hear about gumbobs nephew?
    10. DOONBOY
      Keep me posted auld boy.would be good tae see some faces n a bottle o smooth
    11. Long Paddle Martin
      Long Paddle Martin
      Good to know there's some other canoeists as nuts as me out there, & by nuts I mean able to appreciate the outdoors even in a blizzard. Must be magic up at Loch Lomond right now I spent 4 days up on Clairinch on my todd about 3 weeks ago & I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've camped on three of the islands before but not the wallaby one did you see any of the little critters? I'm convinced I caught a glimpse of one, as I paddled past, it darted into the wood, very dark in colour as I remember - I thought they were grey!
      I lived at Auchincruive for 2 years so I know the area quite well - just wish I had canoed more of it. Did the water board ever reduce the flow of the river doon? I remember there being a big hoo haa on SOTP a while back.

      Thanks for the reply tom I'll keep an ear to the ground but if you get wind of any trips would you mind dropping me a message? it would be much appreciated.

    12. Long Paddle Martin
      Long Paddle Martin
      Hi Barn owl - is see you are a paddler, do you get out on the water much in ayrshire? I've paddled up and down loch doon a few times and the river ayr from cumnock to auchincruive great river only wish I'd went when it was in spate, my fiberglass apache got scratched to bits & theres a few desceptive flat sandstone shelfs that hang around just under the surface. Anywhere else you would suggest - I'm working up the bottle to do a big stretch of the Tay but I would rather go in a group, looks very powerfull at some points. Anyway good to see another paddler/bushcrafter.

      Take it easy,
    13. Sniper
      Tam, I've just upgraded my computer, unfortunately I've lost all my email addresses can you email me so that I can replace it mate.

      Cheers John
    14. rancid badger
      rancid badger
      Sent pm ref trews? catch you tomorrow!;)
    15. gsfgaz
      AWRITE TAM , how yi dane ... wit yi been up ti ...
    16. Night Phoenix
      Night Phoenix
      I did indeed :) pleasantly surprised. If you are ever down my neck of the woods give us a shout!
    17. Night Phoenix
      Night Phoenix
      Hi, hope you had a good christmas and all that, just on the hunt for folk in Scotland :)
    18. scottisha5
      Hi Barn,
      Are you coming up to brownlee tomorrow? A birdy tells me you used to wear the serge? I retired from it in Feb this year.

      All the best
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  • About

    Nov 30, 1965 (Age: 54)
    Outdoor Activity:
    Just being out there
    Being out and about in the hills, fields and woods. Guinness.


    For a' that, an a' that,
    It's comin' yet for a that,
    That man tae man the world o'er
    Shall brithers be for a' that. R.B. 1759-96